Glory Paints
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about us
Glory Paints is a brand manufactured by Nasib Industrial Products Limited, which is an Organically Kenyan business established in Nairobi, Kenya. From humble beginnings in 1992, Glory Paints has rooted itself in the Kenyan market as a significant player in the surface coatings industry, allowing us to serve customers from all over the country.

Glory Paints was listed as one of the Top 5 Best Paint Selling Companies in Kenya in 2017 by the Construction Kenya magazine. Glory Paints offers quality paints at affordable prices for all types of application. We produce our paints in conformity with international standards so as to ensure that our customers needs are satisfied.

Driven by an urge to excel, Nasib Industrial Products Limited manufactures quality paints for all applications. Among the products the company manufactures are:
• Decorative Paints
• Automotive Paints
• Wood & Timber Finishes
• Primers
• Thinners
• Adhesives

Additionally, through partnership with multiple international brands, we are able to more extensively fulfil of our customers coatings and construction needs. Both our head office and manufacturing facility are located in the heart of Industrial Area. You can find our head office at 44 Enterprise road or visit our showroom at our manufacturing facility at the intersection of Enterprise road and new Likoni road. Our manufacturing facility boasts of a well-equipped research and development lab, quality control lab and a manufacturing plant with state of the art machinery, which enables us to deliver quality paints that we promise to our customers.

Our Mission
To be a leader in product innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision
Glory Paints aims to become one of the top coatings company Continent-wide by leveraging its expertise in the higher growth emerging markets.

Our Core Values
• Product quality and reliability
• Delivering on our promises
• Treating everyone with respect and dignity
• Empowerment
• Collaboration
• Innovation
• Fairness
• Discipline
• Equality

Glory Paints was incepted in 1992 through the entrepreneurship of Gurmukh Singh Panesar, who previously ran a fabrication business. During this time, as a cost-cutting initiative, he developed a red oxide metal primer formulation, which he then produced to apply on his fabrication end products. This initiative marked the beginning of Glory Paints’ story, which is now a manufacturer of over 100 different products and has since established strong roots as a Kenyan manufacturer.

Head Office

Previously located within the head office, Glory Paints shifted their manufacturing plant to their current facility in 2013 due to capacity constraints they faced at the previous location. This shift allowed Glory Paint’s to better serve their customers by fulfilling the growing demand and support for their paints.

Manufacturing Facility

Multiple dealers and distributors all over the country have continuously supported us in our journey over the last 25+ years. Glory paints has a growing network of Colour Studio dealers who posses our computerized tinting machines.

These tinting machines provide our customers over 1000 shades of paint to choose from that they can obtain in a matter of minutes. Our customers can recognize these dealers by our Colour Studio Logo, which is displayed outside the shops of all our dealers who possess our computerized tinting machines.