Glory Paints
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Our Products

Glory paints offers a wide variety of product ranges for all uses in various industries.
Decorative Paints

For interior and exterior walls, varied surfaces, and every favourite spot and cosy corner.
Industrial Paints

Offering coatings that preserve the durability and enhance performance of industrial products.
Wood Finishes

Providing quality wood finishes that protect wooden surfaces from drying, cracking and swelling.
Automotive Paints

A total service solution for automotive paint users.
Surface Preparation, Undercoats & Primers

A wide variety of surface preparation products such as skim coat, undercoats and primers.
Thinners & Adhesives

Providing a range of thinners & adhesives for all purposes.
Rapid Coat Powder Coatings

We are the sole distributers of Rapid coat powder coatings.
Miscellaneous Paints & Products