Glory Paints
Make a lasting impression

Decorative Paints

For interior and exterior walls, varied surfaces, and every favourite spot and cosy corner, customers use Glory Paints palette of choices to create the desired mood, textures and finishing.
Vinyl Silk Emulsion Premium Grade

• Rich, smooth and Luxurious walls
• Premium quality
• Superior washability
• High sheen and rich finish- thousands of colors to choose from
• High durability
• Good sag and spatter resistance
Vinyl Matt Emulsion Premium Grade

Glory Vinyl Matt Emulsion is the classic finish for interior walls and ceilings. It’s a water based, environmentally friendly paint and dries to an incredible flat/matt finish that exudes character, brings out the richesness in colors and provides high scrub resistance.

• Premium quality
• High Scrub resistance
• Rich Colors - endless colors to choose from
• Excellent coverage
• Beautiful Flat finish
• Good sag and spatter resistance
Supergloss Enamel Premium Grade

• Premium quality
• Bright and vibrant colors
• Excellent gloss and color retention
• Excellent durability and strength
• Washable
Cover Emulsion

An easy to use durable emulsion paint. Provides maximum coverage and it is ideal for ceilings and low traffic areas.
• Excellent hide and coverage
• Wipeable
• Uniform finish
• Smooth Matt finish
• Interior walls and ceilings
Weatherguard Emulsion

• 100% Acrylic Latex
• Exterior use
• Dirt Pick up resistance
• Long lasting protection
• Highly durable
• All weather protection
• Algal and fungal resistant
Xtreme Weather Guard Silicone Protection

• All weather protection
• Excellent durability
• Breathable
• Water vapour permeable
• Excellent water repellency
• Self-cleaning and anti-dust
• Algae and Fungal resistance
• Upto 15 years warranty (T&C apply)
Supertex Wall Coatings

• Exterior texture coating
• Tough finish
• Excellent durability
• All weather protection
• Ready to use
• Excellent adhesion
• Available in Straight, Circular, Fine, Rainfall and Travertine finishes
Plastic Emulsion

Glory Plastic Emulsion is formulated for use on cement, brick work plaster and concrete surfaces.
Plastic Distemper

Glory Plastic Distemper is formulated for use on cement, brick work plaster and concrete surfaces.
Supergloss Enamel Economy Grade

• Economy Grade
• Bright and vibrant colors
• Excellent gloss and color retention
• Washable
Eggshell Finish

• Premium quality
• Beautiful satin finish
• Washable
• Durable
• Bright and vibrant colors
Satin Finish Emulsion

Glory Satin Finish is mostly described as a velvety touch that is easy to clean which means it is best used in areas that are usually busy for example hallways, bathrooms, family rooms and so on. It is highly durable and retains a beautiful pearly sheen when fully dry.
Metallic Emulsion

Metallic emulsions have been specially designed to give a stunny, shimmering effect to your walls to create features and paint effects. Glam up your walls with this amazing range.

Available in Gold, Silver, Maroon and Copper shades.
Anti-Bacterial Paint

• Premium quality
• Kills Bacteria, mould and Fungi
• Effective againt MRSA, E.coli, C.Diff
• Superior Coverage
• Superior Washability
• Independently tested