Glory Paints
Make a lasting impression

We have a water recycling plant. Any water waste from equipment and machinery cleaning is recycled and re-used. All solid waste residue from water recycling is disposed through a NEMA Certified waste disposal company.

We try to minimize the environmental impact industrial solvents have by recycling and re-using any residual solvent from equipment cleaning at our in-house solvent recycling plant.

We actively engage university students for work placements and also offer permanent job opportunities to post graduates to promote youth employment.

We make multiple contribution to community programs through out the year, including tree plantation programs, food drives and donations to youth sports programs, to name a few.

We have taken the initiative to reduce paper waste and are working towards being a paper less corporation. We have already successfully eliminated paper use in multiple processes within the organization.

As an energy saving initiative, we have made the switch to LED lights in all our offices.