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Welcome to Glory Paints

Glory Paints is a brand manufactured by
Nasib Industrial Products Limited.

From humble beginnings in 1992, Glory Paints has rooted itself in the Kenyan market as a significant player in the surface coatings industry, allowing us to serve customers from all over the country.
We are the dedicated manufaturers of rich, quality paints at affordable prices. We continuously endeavor to provide the best quality products. The high growth of our enterprise is credited to our skilled personnel, quality managers and research department.

Our clientele is continually increasing due to our quest to deliver rich quality products in specified time.

Glory Paints was listed as one of the Top 5 Best Paint Selling Companies in Kenya in 2017 by the Construction Kenya magazine.
Our Products

Decorative Paints

For interior and exterior walls, varied surfaces, and every favourite spot and cosy corner.
Industrial Paints

Offering coatings that preserve the durability and enhance performance of industrial products.
Wood Finishes

Providing quality wood finishes that protect wooden surfaces from drying, cracking and swelling.
Automotive Paints

A total service solution for automotive paint users.
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